The indefensible Republican establishment

It’s really quite amazing the information you are bombarded with in the morning, which is portrayed as news or commentary, but which is hardly newsworthy and as commentary is merely a restatement of the obvious.  Such is the case this morning with the words of Senator Mitch McConnell.  Senator McConnell recently appeared on the FBN show “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo”.  The Senator in response to questions defended the Republican Congress’ record.  He indicated that the Congress had sent bills to the President to repeal Obamacare and dismantle Mr. Obama’s initiatives.  He correctly stated these bills were greeted by a veto, which he knew he lacked the votes to override.

What the Senator said is true as far as it went, however what he failed to say is more significant.  This Congress as all Congresses possesses the power of the purse.  The Congress funds the government.   This Congress knows how the President will react to the bills they sent to him, yet they continue the same tactics in a lame attempt to convince the people, they are attempting to secure change.  What the Congress is actually engaged in is an attempt to insure reelection for its members, while doing nothing to stop the Obama agenda from moving forward.  The Republican establishment values holding office over progress on its legislative agenda.  Member’s futures are prioritized over the good of the country.

Where it could secure meaningful change is through the budgeting process, (the power of the purse) it unilaterally disarms itself at every turn.  Why?  It is a lack of true leadership in the Republican Congress.  There is a failure to spread the conservative message.  Now more than ever, there are multiple news streams available to get out the conservative message, yet they cower and pass omnibus and cromnibus bills, which embolden and advance the President’s agenda.  They believe the people are too ignorant to understand basic civics.   They accept the narrative that the executive is entitled to fund his programs.  What they have as a result of this failure is a populist Democrat, who has captured the Republican nomination for president.  They face a hostile takeover of their party.

Now they are engaged in a campaign to discredit their party’s nominee.  They accept all criticisms of their nominee, while overlooking the inadequacies of the Democratic candidate.  They once again are more concerned about the future of their individual members and unconcerned about the path of the country.  I am to a point where I say, who needs them.  They got Donald Trump because they won’t advance the people’s agenda of less government and less regulation.  They just won’t fight!  Now they will fight, but only against the populist candidate their incompetence enabled.

Once upon a time there was a political party called the Whigs.  When it no longer advanced the will of its constituency, it morphed and became the modern day Republican Party.  We have reached a point in our history where there is a far left party (Democrats) and a party concerned only with the preservation of its elite members (Republicans).  Perhaps we have reached a point, where a new organization with a different culture is needed.  Let’s start a true conservative organization promoting constitutionally mandated limited government and promoting candidates, who serve the people rather than serve for their own future.  Those, who believe in limited government, can come along.  Those, who don’t should find themselves in the refuse pile of history.  Failed members of an era of minority thinking and failed leadership.

Think about it.  We have run out of opportunity to elect new representatives in this primary election, but we have two years to prepare before the next full Congressional primary season.  Planning must start now!  A new party platform created and candidates recruited and financing lined up.  This time we need to be dependent for financing from the many not the few.  Good news is, we have many new and yet not fully explored platforms for securing support.  Social media calls!

Ask yourself these questions.  Are you satisfied being led by a northeastern valued Democrat?  Have your previous choices of a liberal northeastern former governor and “maverick southwestern senator”, who doesn’t understand the principles of limited government (Witness: McCain-Feingold), been the types of choices a limited government individual could zealously support?  If not, then let’s take the opportunity to repeat history and oust the pretenders!

Author: graffman3030

former Ohio Public service executive. Conservative for life. Life long Ohio resident

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