Killing the Golden Goose: An economic primer in free market capitalism for Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party

When I was in college, back when Religion and family was still a mainstay of traditional society, I had professors singing the praises of Marxism and decrying the excesses of capitalism. They appealed to the softer side of human nature. They were appalled by the rise of the “corporate culture”. Every corporation was a predator, which disregarded the human being in a never ending quest for profit. Corporations you understand measure their success by profitability. It is their metric to measure their success. They saw the government as the only savior from this corporate plague. The force of government could intervene and by placing its finger on the economic scale insure the net worth of the individual was respected. All praise be to populism as long as it was the bicoastal populism at that time headquartered in the northeastern part of our country. The bi-coastal elite prioritized government entitlement programs over economic productivity.

News flash, Liberals! People in government cannot and will not agree on creation of an entitlement utopia. Government is flawed. It is extremely divided and will be for the foreseeable future.

We live in a country where, the citizens have a diverse system of values and by a slim majority still believe in economic freedom, although thanks to educational brainwashing, they are frequently unable to articulate this precise principle.

The principle of economic democracy, which is the cry of the social justice crowd, is simply a disguise for populist economic tyranny. (Exercise of governmental authority to limit economic freedom. Yes, government by necessity is an exercise of power over the populace,) they advance uniform business practices, which encourage an uninformed consumer, and which are in line with a liberal social agenda. Businesses can either adopt the desired policies and practices or face a prohibition of their business model. There is no room for initiative and product improvement or expansion through increased efficiencies. i.e. Let’s use 1938 wage and hour practices in today’s economy because a portion of the populace choose a union to represent them, so there can be no economic advance beyond this model. The primary method of advancing their economic engineering agenda is the corporate and individual income tax code. Doubt me? How many economic decisions are made solely based upon the tax code. When you start a new employment, think about the number of documents you sign because of the federal tax code.

The federal income tax code is based upon a flawed model. It punishes the very vehicles, which create wealth. Why don’t we tax only individuals (flesh and blood people), when funds are disbursed to them as income (money for their personal use). If income is used in a business for a business purposes, (a means to produce a product or service) it is moving and should be encouraged and not taxed. When it moves to an individual for their personal use, it should be taxable. The rich would pay more because of the progressive tax system. We could retain the capital gains provisions to encourage investment. We would encourage dividends. They are a good income source especially for those, who are too old to actively be employed as well as for those seeking to save for their daily lives. We would no longer view the corporation as a wealth store, which can be raided by liberal lawmakers to advance their entitlement agenda. This removes the hidden tax that plagues consumers of US businesses

Their promotion of their form of economic democracy is killing capitalism. It is akin to death by one thousand cuts. Their policies limit economic expansion and kill wealth creation and ultimately jobs. They assume a one size fits all approach serves the diverse US population. They espouse biblical principles to guilt the populace into complying with their collectivist ideas. Their mantra: corporations are evil and government is the answer to the corporate greed problem.

How do they guilt the populace? They point out that we are the wealthiest country in the world and never acknowledge that our wealth has established a standard of living, which is the envy of much of the world. They point to biblical teachings and claim that government should provide for all. They obviously forget that biblical teachings are directed toward the individual and not the government. Doubt me, see Mathew 22:21. Give to Caesar. Additionally, the free market offers opportunity for the individual through their effort (service) to give to others. We don’t need the government telling us how to best help our fellow man. Our creator gave us free will. If the right of free will is acceptable to him, it is also acceptable to me. There is room for charity. Charity is a voluntary giving versus government, which is enforced and imposed taking for a majority agreed upon endeavor. (Usually a moral compromise) Government was to be used as a last resort and for limited purpose) See the US Constitution enumerated powers provisions.

It is also popular they say something is a right. I.e. healthcare. Natural rights are not dependent on the services of others to accomplish. Who will you coerce to render care for those who cannot pay? Is it okay to require involuntary servitude to enforce this right? If the populace doesn’t produce enough to cover shortfalls, how is the shortage rationed in the population? The free market allow for rationing through price. It also affords opportunity to increase the country’s wealth thereby raising all. It is pointed out that some will get great amounts more. This is greed! Each person has the responsibility not the requirement to give back. This is free will. It works in this country. Witness our standard of living versus the collective society such as the former USSR.

What about European socialism? Our country has many diverse cultures. Many of the “success stories” surround cultures with a less diverse culture. Perhaps one size fits all is acceptable to their populace, but it cannot be imposed here! We as a people do not subscribe to a single set of values and this country permits one to give back as he or she sees fit and still we have a very high standard of living for all.

What about a minimum wage? Why should we prohibit someone from contributing because they seek less compensation? Is it better to have someone not contribute or to contribute and receive less compensation? Don’t different levels of compensation encourage increase in skill levels in order to increase compensation, if that is what is sought? No say the liberals you should be able to support yourself on a federal minimum wage! Maybe even a family of four without regard to your productivity and without regard to whom you exclude from the workforce by your imposition. “From each according to their ability and from each according to their need.” This is the cry of the Marxist populace clamoring to increase their rightful share of the pie. But who decides need and who decides the ability? This is Marxist utopian idealism, which doesn’t take into consideration differences in religious values, cultural norms or family values and even some might argue differences in work ethics. I refer the reader to the fiction “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand specifically the chapter about the socialist auto company experiment. Click the link to read a short excerpt. This excerpt is a thought provoking exercise about what happens, when needs exceed ability in a socialistic situation.


Government involves use of force by a political majority over an entire populace. The US federal Constitution promotes a minimal use of this force for limited purposes.

The US population is diverse with different religious and moral values, which are not suited for one size fits all solutions.

Christianity does not demand government intervention. It requires individual action. If you believe in Christianity, then you believe in free will. Exercise of free will requires individuals to do unto others… If our creator saw fit to allow us to choose for ourselves how to live, why should we not respect the individual’s right to choose?

Minimum wage is a flawed one size fits all solution, which sounds good, but fails to account for differences in individual circumstances and discourages growth and economic inclusion by effectively barring some classes of workers from the workforce under the auspices of assisting the poor.

Corporations and businesses are vehicles to creating wealth. They are neither good nor bad; their practices are determined by their ownership. They can be great wealth creating vehicles or hoarders of wealth. Their judgment is left to the populace, who decide by their purchases. Their individual choices aggregate and determine business success. These choices taken together are vastly superior to any political choice made by government officials (Remember, politics is defined as who gets what, when, where and how.)

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